An experience for life

Travelling through the summer night together. In a proper night train with a classic dining car. New this year: theatre and spoken word. DJs all through the night. You’ll be rocked asleep in your compartment. Wake up slowly in the morning as we enter Berlin.

We are proud and honoured Benjamin Herman will perform and joins us on the journey to Berlin. Furthermore, you can expect BRUUT! and Graziëlla Hunsel.

Saxophonist Benjamin Herman is one of the most original and productive jazz musicians in the Netherlands. He is well known exploring the edges of the jazz world. His fame started in the 90s with the groundbreaking ensemble New Cool Collective

“It felt like 3 days instead of 24 hours. Great atmosphere, great music, great people!”

Reiziger 2019

Looking back 2019

Up to 1st of March EARLY BIRDS
From € 169

retour trip €99 extra

After 1st of March one-way trip from € 189
two-way trip €99 extra

Night Train

The Jazz Night Express is a statement for sustainable travel by the night train. Traveling by night train is comfortable, efficient and romantic. But since the end of 2016, regular night trains no longer run from the Netherlands. That’s why we fix our own night train. Fortunately, 2020 will be the year of the night train, because at the end of this year a daily night train will be running from the Netherlands again.

The Jazz Night Express is a classical night train, cosy compartments, sleeper conductors, and a great atmosphere. Fall asleep by the train’s cadence and slowly wake up while entering Berlin.

Please choose between two comfort options. 

couchettes offering 5 comfortable sleeping places per compartment

sleeping car offering 3 beds and private washing stand per compartment.


What’s better than good dining while travelling on a train? Our chefs SolKitchen & SonnyCheffing will take you on a gastronomic journey through jazz.

One can reserve a table for the first part of the evening. Free seating is available later on. Delicious snacks are available throughout the evening. And breakfast is served in the morning. The menu will be announced on the website soon.

Our Partners

Jazz Night Express

Rotterdam – Berlin

The Jazz Night Express coincides with North Sea Round Town, fringe festival of North Sea Jazz in Rotterdam. Please expect a lot of jazz, blues and soul in town on both the Friday afternoon before departure and the Sunday after the arrival of the Jazz Night Express in Rotterdam.

Rotterdam – Friday, July 3 – 7:00 PM
Amsterdam – Friday, July 3 – 8:00 PM
Berlin – Saturday , July 4 – 9:00 AM

All travel times are still approximate

Jazz Night Express

Berlin – Rotterdam

Extra special this year is the return trip from Berlin to Amsterdam and Rotterdam. Besides the Dutch acts, there will be musicians from Berlin on board and that promises to be a nice exchange between music cultures.

Berlin – Saturday, July 4 – 7:00 PM
Amsterdam – Sunday, July 5 – 8:00 AM
Rotterdam – Sunday, July 5 – 09:00 AM

All travel times are still approximate