We are keeping a close eye on the developments with the corona virus. and became somewhat more positive in recent weeks.

We do expect to get this amazing project back on track in 2021.

2 – 4 July 2021
Improved concept: full weekend trip

To increase chances that we can actually go ahaed, we will adjust the concept.

We will focus on concerts and activities during intermediate stops along the way and we will also add a number of new destinations, so that we really start making a tour.

We will further develop the concept in the coming period. We expect more clarity early 2021.

Traveling together through the summer night. In a proper night train with a classic dining car.

The night train as an intimate connection between countries, cities and cultures.

You’ll be rocked asleep in your compartment. Wake up slowly in the morning as we enter Berlin.

Filmed by Hans Peter Wessels and Katja van der Sandt (Boogiemen BV) / Photography by Joke Schot and Roland Huguenin

“It felt like 3 days instead of 24 hours. Great atmosphere, great music, great people!”


What’s better than good dining while travelling on a train? Our chefs SolKitchen & SonnyCheffing will take you on a gastronomic journey through jazz.

Creole Cajun dinner

Breakfast Club for our hangover breakfast

Various take away snacks from

Night Train

The Jazz Night Express is a statement for sustainable travel by the night train. The Jazz Night Express is a classic night train, holds cosy compartments and a great travel atmosphere.

We offer both comfortable couchette cars (5 person compartments) as well as deluxe sleeper coaches (3 person compartments).

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