Meals on Wheels

We are very happy to participate in the 2021 edition of Jazz Night Express

This year the food concept will be slightly different from the previous edition. We transform the kitchen of the Jazz Night Express into a Food Truck on Rails. SolKitchen & Sonny Cheffing will rock in the kitchen again. 

We serve an exciting Creole dinner in the restaurant in three shifts. You could also order a hangover breakfast. And from the moment the train leaves, we serve take-away food for everyone.

Take Away menu

Wrap with smoked chicken, sweet potato spread, coleslaw and pickles

Wrap with falafel, sweet potato spread, coleslaw and pickles

Jazz Night Burger with cheddar, pickle, onion and Bourbon mayonnaise

Cone Creole steak with shrimp Jambalaya and coleslaw

Indian coconut curry with vegetables, rice, yogurt and toppings

Cajun style “Meatless” Meatloaf with Bourbon pepper cream sauce

Apple crumb cake with whipped cream

You can pay by Card or cash.

Exciting Creole meal in the restaurant

Would you prefer to come and sit down at a cosy table in our dining car? Meals on Wheels is the new dinner concept of the Jazz Night Express.

You will enjoy a delicious meal and beautiful views, while you have a drink with your table company. We have 2-person and 4- person tables.

We serve a delicious Creole meal with various side dishes from the Cajun kitchen. The meal includes wine, beer and / or soft drinks.

Steak New Orleans, marinated for 72 hours in Rum and Cajun spices. Then cooked Sous Vide for 30 hours. Served with Bourbon pepper cream sauce.


Cajun style “meatless” Meatloaf, served with Bourbon pepper cream sauce.

We serve the following delicious dishes with the steak/meatloaf: garlic mash potato, shrimp Jambalaya, succotash and creamy Cajun cucumber

Breakfast Club!

Come and visit our breakfast club in de morning from 7:00!

It’s the best way to start your day! 

Slowly wake up with a meditation session and the perfect food to get rid of your hangover. Order your breakfast at our ticket shop. We have free seating in the restaurant or you can take your breakfast to your compartment.

Breakfast sandwich + yogurt + Bloody Mary = NO hangover